A downloadable game for Windows

80´s time inspiration.CRT monitors, VHS, and great music. Kinda bullet hell, shut ém up game where 3D Geometric glow characters want to finish with your life while you try to beat them using their own bodies and abilities, generating points for each one that got destroyed.

-Programmer - Julio Nain Bretón Martínez

-Programmer- Carlos Eduardo Ramírez Olvera

-Audio FX - Marco Daniel Gómez Aguilar

-Producer- Alejandro Izquierdo Hernández

-Art- Jesús Gerardo Márquez Reséndiz

-Lead Programmer- Ricardo Ríos Amézquita

-Lead Artist- Uriel Esquivel Cobos

-Programmer- Daniel Toledo Pérez

-Audio and Music Producer- Rodrigo Bravo Sigüenza


GlowingSoul.zip 58 MB